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How to Choose The Best Nude Nail Polish

Nude nail polish used to be the go-to choose for your wedding day and other stately affairs. However, in recent years, due to Instagram celebrity posts, nude lacquers are no longer seen as the go-to choose for demure looks and neutral moods. Yes, nude nail polishes are subtle but you can turn them into fashion statements as well. They are ideal canvases on which to let your creative juices run and give a makeover to your nails with spectacular nude nail designs. Pasts are the days of monocolor boredom. In are the days of glossy pinks and glittery beiges. Think Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, or Adele. Neither of them wore nude shades as an understatement. On the contrary, the nude hue was either a base for spectacular nail designs or the subtility of the shade was contradicted by the sharpness of the nail shape.

However, getting a nude nail polish manicure requires some research. You need to learn first … Read the rest