How to Choose The Best Nude Nail Polish

Nude nail polish used to be the go-to choose for your wedding day and other stately affairs. However, in recent years, due to Instagram celebrity posts, nude lacquers are no longer seen as the go-to choose for demure looks and neutral moods. Yes, nude nail polishes are subtle but you can turn them into fashion statements as well. They are ideal canvases on which to let your creative juices run and give a makeover to your nails with spectacular nude nail designs. Pasts are the days of monocolor boredom. In are the days of glossy pinks and glittery beiges. Think Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, or Adele. Neither of them wore nude shades as an understatement. On the contrary, the nude hue was either a base for spectacular nail designs or the subtility of the shade was contradicted by the sharpness of the nail shape.

However, getting a nude nail polish manicure requires some research. You need to learn first which is your skin tone and how to complement it with a certain shade of nude nail polish. Fear not, we will lay out the rules of thumb for you. You have to follow more or less the same principles as when you choose your foundation. It can’t be a random pick; it needs to match your skin tone. Then you can let your imagination run wild and go for a nail design that reflects your creativity and current mood. Plus, any type of nude nail lacquer will look good. From nude gel nail polishes to nail varnishes and acrylic nails, the nude hue will always be a trendy mani.

How to match your skin tone to nude nail polish

To find the best nude nail polish for you means to find that nude shade that complements perfectly your skin tone and undertone. Whether you have fair, medium, or olive skin tones, you need to find which is the undertone of your skin as well. There are many suggested methods about how to learn that but the easiest probably is, as in the case of foundation, to check the back of your wrists. If your veins are bluish, it means that you have cool undertones. If they appear green, that means warm undertones for you. If you can’t really tell whether they are blue or green, that means that you probably have neutral undertones, which is very lucky for you because it means that most nude nail polish colors will suit you perfectly.

Rules of thumb for matching skin tones to nude nail polish

These are the basic rules of thumb for matching your skin tone and undertone to the nude color nail polish that will complement your skin best:

Fair skin complexion with cool undertones– Shades of pink nude nail polish should be your go-to choose, particularly nuances of pale pink.

Fair skin complexion with warm undertones– This type of complexion contrasts beautifully with nude brown nail polishes and baby peach.

Fair skin complexion with neutral undertones– You should opt for light greys and subtle pinks.

Medium skin complexion with cool undertones– Light grays and pinky beiges are the nude colors nail polish for you.

Medium skin complexion with warm undertones– Taupe pink and nude matte nail polish are the colors that work for you.

Medium skin complexion with neutral undertones– Mauve pink and pinky beige are the best match for you.

Olive skin complexion with cool undertones– It seems that your skin was made for nude pink nail polishes. Taupe pink, pale pink, pinkish beige, and baby pink are your colors.

Olive skin complexion with warm undertones– The best options of nude nail polish for dark skin that also match this undertone are beige pink and peach. Mauve pink is also likely to look very good on you as well as any pink nude nail polish that has some sparkle.

Olive skin complexion with neutral undertones– You are lucky. Any nude nail polish will look good on you. That said, creamy beige, dusty pink, and pastel pink will look the absolute best.

To conclude

The nude nail polish remains a favorite in nail art trends. It looks good on any complexion; you just need to find what matches best your undertone. With nude nail polishes, the choice is almost infinite. You can go for the demure subtle look or let your imagination run wild on a base of beige, pinkish or greyish hue. You should definitely test the versatility of nude nail polish at your next visit at the nail salon. Or you could give it a go yourself by getting a nude nail polish set.